Waterproofing System, Features and More

Waterproofing System, Features and More

Jasticon is an authorized applicator of GMX Waterproofing Systems.

About GMX Waterproofing Systems

GMX waterproofing systems are the best line of defense against below grade moisture intrusion and provide a dry and comfortable living space.

GMX Features

  • Reduces heat loss, improves energy efficiency
  • Prevents air leakage and soil gas entry.
  • Prohibits moisture from outside and inside air, and ground from getting into the basement.
  • Channels rainwater and groundwater run-off away from the home.
  • Environmentally safe and cost effective waterproofing systems from an ISO 9001 certified supplier.
  • Professional bid packages and project documentation for building and code officials.
  • Long-term product and performance warranties.

Our waterproofing systems form a robust, flexible layer of waterproofing which protects foundation walls.

GMX waterproofing systems are compatible with a wide range of insulation, drainage or protection course materials.

GMX, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of waterproofing products.